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Golf In Alaska’s Carpet Cleaning Choice

Our Golf facility in Palmer will see hundreds of visitors every single week, every week of the year. Just because its winter in Alaska doesn’t mean our business stops. We offer indoor golf trainings which is a must if you live in Alaska. The weather here offers many challenges, but we tend to always be prepared.

golf in alaskaFor those who cannot leave the state during the winter to golf, their skills would start to lack. How many people take up golfing to only play it for a few months in the summer. With the types of weather Alaska receives you have to get creative. That is why we have created a small indoor golfing course. This course is now open to the public. Granted you cannot drive the ball, but we do offer realistic video golf courses. Have you seen those video screens where you hit the ball into the screen and the ball reacts to your swing? That is what we have for those who want to work on their driving abilities.

With an indoor golf course, maintenance and upkeep can be difficult. Depending on the amount of snow on the ground, lots of mud can be created. In a winter like this year, we have had very little snow. What we did have melted, created mud and is not easily tracked in side our facilities. Parts of our course are carpeted to help make the golfing experience a little more real.Unlike real golf courses where the grass is green and constantly trimmed, our carpet like material needs to be well kept and cleaned.

We wanted to give a shout out to one of our favorite carpet cleaning companies here in Anchorage. They have helped keep our facility cleaned on a monthly basis. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Anchorage give these guys a call.

Be sure to check out our Palmer facility. Google Map us ‘Golf In Alaska’ and you will find our driving directions. If you love the scenery around Palmer, Alaska check out the new Alaska 2017 Calendar as they feature a few pictures from the Matsu valley.